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Quotes and Memoirs

"This Live Screen Printing Art space and the patience that was spent with my kids to print their own clothes made the festival for us!  So cool!"

"The breakfast cafe was wonderful!"

"Wow I have never tasted such amazing food mad with love by different teams each day..amazing everything at the love pirates it was extraordinary!" Suzy P

"Esta carpa de baile y amor, estaba llena de alta energía y buenos grooves.

Todos individualmente absorbiendo la música como esponjas y unidos en diversión. Disfruté mucho haciendo mi musica en directo para un publico que la recibia con los cinco sentidos y probablemente algun sentido fantástico más.

Sequin Chaff. Psicodelia en las luces y muy buen rollo.

Gracias." - Marta Hammond

"This tent of dance and love was full of high energy and good grooves. Everyone individually absorbing the music like sponges and united in fun. I really enjoyed making my music live for an audience that received it with all five senses and... probably some other fantastic senses. Sequin Chaff. Psychedelia in the lights and very good vibes.

Thanks." - Marta Hammond

"A blissed out love pirate" sums up Jakies voyage with us ❤️🏴‍☠️❤️

"To play music, is life itself..." Mani


Please do send us your photos or words about your experience with us HERE!

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